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Great piece in the New York Times about Dan Bell, a filmmaker who has created something called the "Dead Mall Series" on YouTube, in which he has chronicled many of the malls around the country that have fallen on desperate times.

The Times writes that "though upscale malls in wealthy communities continue to do well, Mr. Bell isn’t interested in those; he visits dead malls, and among the deadest are ones in working-class and rural communities. Filming at the Bristol Mall in Bristol, Va., Mr. Bell discovered 10 stores that remained open in the entire center; the rest of the retail spaces sat empty behind lowered metal gates."

There is plenty of material for Bell to work with: "A report issued by Credit Suisse in June predicted that 20 to 25 percent of the more than 1,000 existing enclosed malls in America will close in the next five years," the story says.

The Times piece, and the YouTube videos, are elegiac in tone, and worth reading here and watching here.
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