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Supervalu CEO Mark Gross told analysts last week in a conference call that the company will be rolling out meal kits and grab-and-go options as way of driving sales at retail, where growth has lagged behind the company's wholesale segment.

"“We’ve long provided meal solutions, but we’re excited with the innovation and expansion that we’re rolling out in this area,” he said, adding, “Our expanded offering will be marketed as Quick’n Easy, an easily understood name that will be carried through several departments. We’ll have meal kits, heat-and-serve, grab-and-go versions, all geared to the level of preparation and precooking or not that best fit our customers’ needs.”

In addition to these meal solutions offerings, Gross said the company also will expand its focus on organics, and will rework its approach to private brands.
KC's View:
A good idea, but I think the one thing that Supervalu has to do is move with great speed. They cannot afford to let the competition get too far ahead of them with such initiatives.