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• The Wall Street Journal reports that UPS "expects most retailers to agree to higher shipping prices during the weeks leading up to Christmas, which it says are necessary because of the glut of online orders ... UPS is encouraging retailers to avoid shipping during those peak-season weeks by holding promotions earlier in November, offering incentives to shoppers to accept later deliveries or other tactics."

The story notes that "UPS last month revealed the extra peak-season fee, which will affect packages shipped in the two weeks around Thanksgiving and in the week before Christmas." The surcharge the week before Christmas is expected to be between 27 and 97 cents per package.

Fox Business has an interview with former Walmart US CEO Bill Simon in which he said that he won't be buying Amazon stock anytime soon, that "there’s only one direction for that stock to go ... and I think everybody knows that. I can’t tell you when it’s going to happen, but it’s inevitable."

For the record, Amazon's stock price when the market opened the week was 1,020.04, while Walmart's was 79.81.

According to the story, "Simon tells FBN that while Amazon’s sales are up 17%, it is losing money following its acquisition of Whole Foods. "Their ability to keep putting up these massive numbers is going to run into difficulties the bigger they get,” he says, adding, "The growth will have to slow just by the law of large numbers."
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