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Business Insider reports that "Chipotle is planning to test something that customers have been seeking for years: a drive-thru window ... Up until this point, Chipotle has been one of the few national quick-service chains not to offer a drive-thru option."

CMO Mark Crumpacker told an investor phone call last week that "in addition to attracting new customers, the chain's first-ever 'vehicular pickup window' could be key to winning back people who ditched the chain after its 2015 E. coli crisis."

Business Insider goes on to say that "Chipotle is typically resistant to change, preferring to stick with its tried-and-true menu and business model. However, recently the chain has been forced to mix things up to win back customers after a 2015 food poisoning scandal drove customers away from the chain."
KC's View:
The thing is, this is a really good idea because people will be on the road and can get to the emergency room faster after eating food bought at Chipotle.

Too harsh? Too soon?