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The Dayton Business Journal reports that the Buffalo Wild Wings chain, at a time when "chain casual restaurants are struggling to compete with the rise of cheaper fast-casual brands," and it is dealing with a decline in same-store sales, is experimenting with a beer delivery program.

According to the story, Buffalo Wild Wings "is planning to pilot beer delivery in Ohio and Wisconsin and later this year expand delivery options through its mobile app."

And, at the same time, "The company is also adding a new format that's more geared toward takeout and delivery called 'B-Dubs Express' that's a 2,800-square-foot, 50-seat store with a smaller menu." And, it is planning to expand the use of its loyalty marketing program in a way that will help it target frequent customers.
KC's View:
We occasionally hit a nearby Buffalo Wild Wings when we're catching a movie ... it would never be my first choice, but sometimes it is just easy. To be honest, I didn't even know they had a loyalty program ... so maybe they need to do a better job of marketing it.

I'm also not sure that I'd order a beer delivery from Buffalo Wild Wings ... though that's not to say that this is a dumb idea. It seems to me that consumers always are looking for convenience options, and there will be places where this makes a lot of sense. The worst thing that businesses like Buffalo Wild Wings can do is stand pat.