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• In Florida, the Sun-Sentinel reports that Lucky's Market, the Colorado-based natural and organic grocery chain, plans to open its third South Florida location in Oakland Park late next month.

The story notes that Lucky's operates more than 20 locations around the country; the Oakland Park opening is part of a broader Florida strategy, which has the company scheduled to also open stores in Sarasota, St. Petersburg and Orlando.

"We believe everybody deserves access to good, healthful good," CEO Bo Sharon says in a prepared statement. "At Lucky's we lower the price point. We sell affordable, cheap, organic and natural foods every single day."

• The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that Coca-Cola "has announced that it plans to phase out no-calorie Coke Zero in the United States after it introduces Coca-Cola Zero Sugar in August.
The new recipe is already being sold in 25 markets worldwide, including Mexico and the UK ... On its website, Coca-Cola said the ingredients of the new drink are the same as Coke Zero, but the taste is closer to Coca-Cola Classic — just with no sugar."
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