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Hi, I'm Kevin Coupe and this is FaceTime with the Content Guy.

This week's FaceTime was recorded during my vacation, when I attended - and moderated several panel discussions at - the second annual Organic Produce Summit (OPS).

Just like last year, I found OPS to be among the most energetic conferences in the food industry. Lots of great presentations, lots of great exhibits.

One of the most interesting talks was by keynoter David McInerney, a founder of FreshDirect who also serves as the company's "chief food adventurer." One of the core points he made was that he believes that it is critically important for people and companies in the organic space not to demonize fresh foods that are not organic, because the result might be people bypassing a fresh, non-organic pear in order to eat organic Twinkies, if such a thing existed. (His example, not mine.)

in fact, McInerney argued against using the word "conventional" when it comes to non-organic produce - there is nothing "conventional" about it, he said, and the produce business needs to be more open-minded in how it thinks about such things. No produce, he said, should be marginalized ... rather, it should be celebrated in marketing, merchandising, and informational efforts.

Which actually reflected a point made in both the sessions that I moderated - that even as people become more informed about and get greater access to an expanded selection of fresh produce, it remains critical that every part of the supply chain focus on education, in addition to doing lots of sampling and providing as much experiential marketing as possible.

One final point. A nutritionist named Ashley Koff made the following point - that the vast majority of consumers are not looking for better nutrition. They are, she said, seeking better health - and that is not just a semantic difference. It is, in fact, a difference that should inform every marketing, merchandising and educational decision.

That's what is on my mind this morning, and what was on my mind when I attended the Organic Produce Summit - a great event that I hope they'll invite me back to next year. As always ... I want to hear what is on your mind.

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