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MarketWatch reports that "Lidl and Aldi are Britain's fastest growing supermarkets as the discount retailers continue to increase sales and market share, a survey showed Tuesday." Kantar Worldpanel said that Lidl's UK market share went from 4.5 percent to 5.1 percent and Aldi's went from 6.2 percent to seven percent during the quarter ending July 16.

Of the other major UK grocers, Tesco's market share dropped from 28.3 percent to 27.8 percent during the period, while Sainsbury's went from 16.3 percent to 16 percent, Walmart-owned Asda's went from 15.5 percent to 15.1 percent, Morrison's went from 10.7 percent to 10.5 percent, and Waitrose alone saw no decrease in market share 0- it stayed steady at 5.2 percent.
KC's View:
The US is not the UK. Comparing them, and suggesting that what Lidl and Aldi have done in the UK will be easy for them to do in the US, is a mistake. But that doesn't mean that US retailers should underestimate or be complacent about the disruption they can create.