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by Kevin Coupe

First, a confession.

Against all odds, because I normally dislike movie stars with this kind of persona, I've become a really big fan of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Go figure. I don't really like most of his movies, with the exception of Central Intelligence and Moana (in which he actually sang). But I think he's been terrific, with his gung-ho-for-anything attitude on "Saturday Night Live," and I think he's really good and surprisingly vulnerable on the HBO series, "Ballers."

He hasn't reached the I'll-go-see-anything-he's-in stratosphere in which I put a few actors and actresses - George Clooney, Matt Damon, Julianne Moore and Charlize Theron (can't wait for Atomic Blonde!) But there's time.

I bring all this up because Johnson is out with a new short film - in fact, it is an extended commercial for Apple's Siri voice-activated application. Entitled "The Rock x Siri Dominate the Day," the almost-four-minute spot focuses on all the things that Siri does to enable Johnson to accomplish his goals and define his dreams.

It is very, very funny and even at times self-referentially goofy. And it makes some very good points ... that it would be even better if Siri actually worked as well as the commercial suggests. (And I say this as a devoted Apple customer.)

What really was funny - and even Eye-Opening, to me - was how I kept thinking to myself, imagine how productive Johnson would be if he were using Amazon's Alexa/Echo system.

Still, the video is very good. Not to mention perfect for a summer Wednesday. And you can watch it above.


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