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Yesterday we reported that Jana Partners, the activist investment group that invested in Whole Foods and essentially forced its sale to Amazon for $13.7 billion, now has sold its stake in the retailer for $300 million. The story notes that just before agreeing to the Amazon bid, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey labeled Jana as "greedy bastards."

This prompted one MNB reader to write:

We have been writing you for years saying Whole Foods was making more than it's fair share of profits charging exorbitant prices to consumers. The greedy bastards are being driven out not coming in and it's about time!

We also noted yesterday that Sears will begin selling its Kenmore line of appliances on Amazon.

One MNB reader reacted:

Maybe Sears (and more importantly – its real estate) is next on the Amazon shopping list after Whole Foods?

I doubt it.

And, from another reader:

I’ve bought many Kenmore appliances over the years, and like them. Personally, I’d never buy an appliance without seeing it in person first.

MNB reader Rita Held disagreed with some of the criticisms of Target that have been aired here:

I happen to love my local Target store here in Mountain View, CA   I don’t need fancy. I need practical - which is why I shop Target for everything from casual clothes, to bath and kitchen supplies, greeting cards.
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