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Reuters reports that ahead of what it hopes will be regulatory approval of its $13.7 billion bid to acquire Whole Foods, Amazon plans to meet today "with a dozen U.S. ranchers, seeking to expand distribution of organic and grass-fed meats" once the deal becomes finalized.

According to the story, "Analysts and investors have speculated that Amazon is aiming to combine its expertise in order fulfillment with the grocer's facilities to build out delivery of fresh food, but the online retailer has not yet detailed its plans."
KC's View:
There are a lot of paths that Amazon could take, but by meeting with the ranchers it clearly is looking to assuage fears that it could look elsewhere - like outside the country - for lower cost supplies of organic and grass-fed beef.

Amazon may want to stay inside the US when looking for supplies, but that doesn't mean that it won't be looking for efficiencies that can drive down costs and solve Whole Foods' "whole paycheck" problem.

The interesting thing to consider is what Amazon would do in the unlikely event that regulators block its Whole Foods move. Maybe find another way to go after the Whole Foods shopper? I wouldn't bet against it.