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As is my custom at this time of year, I'm taking a couple of weeks off…

MNB is on hiatus for a total of 10 editions, until Monday, July 24. (If something major happens, and I have access to my laptop, I'll return.)

I'm in the Pacific Northwest, and I'll be spending the time with Mrs. Content Guy - biking, hiking, wine tasting, beer drinking, and enjoying some great food.

I'll also be teaching at Portland State during the MNB hiatus, as well as going to the (sold out!) Organic Produce Summit, where I'll be moderating a couple of panels. (If you're there, come say hi.)

Between now and my return the MNB archives will, of course, be open. And, I may post the occasional note or picture on Facebook or Instagram if the spirit moves me …

Thanks…I hope you'll also get some time this summer to recharge your batteries.

And, as always…

Fins Up!

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