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Money has a story about the pricing battles taking place among big chains and e-tailers, and how "the frugality site recently compared prices for 75 ... name-brand products at Amazon, Walmart, and the Walmart-owned site Jet.

The conclusion: "Overall, Amazon had the lowest prices, Cheapism found: The total for all 75 items came to $813.39 at Amazon, versus $859.26 at and $859.47 at Jet ... While Amazon had the lowest prices on 14 of the items, Walmart was the cheapest option for 12. So your choice varies based on what's on your shopping list: If you regularly buy some or all of the goods where Walmart is the low-price leader, and not so many of the items where Amazon is cheapest, you could save by shopping at Walmart."

Very little is definitive: "These retailers and others are constantly comparing prices with each other, and the study shows it: Of the 75 featured items, there were 38 ties, with the exact same prices from two or all three retailers.

"So where is the cheapest place to shop? The true answer is, frustratingly enough, it depends."
KC's View:
No surprise here. There will be a lot of price matching, a lot of collateral damage ... and plenty of instances where smart, aggressive retailers decide not to play this game because they can't win it, and instead create stores that are innovative, nimble and differentiated.