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The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that the Brewers Association, in response to concerns that it has become increasingly hard to identify legitimate craft beers, has "unveiled a way to identify beer from small and independent breweries: a seal that can be slapped on bottles, cans, six-pack holders and other beer-related merchandise."

The story notes that Association members "worried that recent acquisitions of craft breweries by multi-national corporations ... are confusing consumers. Is this beer from an independent company with local roots? ... The label is available, free of charge, to breweries that meet the association’s definition of 'craft' - annually producing less than 6 million barrels of beer, and with no more than 25 percent of ownership in outside hands."

Bob Pease, president and CEO of Brewers Association, says that the goal is "to differentiate, not denigrate.”
KC's View:
As someone who always asks bartenders "what's local" when I'm looking for something tall and frosty, I'm totally in favor of anything that differentiates. If I were a craft brewer, I'd jump all over this.