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The New York Times has decided to put its ample NYT Cooking website behind a paywall, Reuters reports, as it does what so many newspapers are trying to do - "leverage their digital presence" and find ways to monetize their assets.

According to the Reuters story, "The subscription will cost $5 per month. Currently, the NYT Cooking app offers unlimited free access to all recipes on the site. But with the introduction of the subscription, non-paying users will not be able to access a majority of the site's recipes and will lose access to any previously saved recipes, which will be moved behind a paywall ... New York Times subscribers will have full access to NYT Cooking for a limited time, though there is no timeline for when the subscriptions will be separated."

Reuters reports that a Times spokesperson says that "NYT Cooking subscribers will be able to use all of the site's recipe box tools, such as private notes and adding recipes from third parties. The site is exploring ways to integrate voice-activated devices such as Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa."
KC's View:
As a passionate, dedicated and longtime reader - I've been a subscriber for well over three decades, and a reader for more than 50 years - I'm a little surprised that they want to charge people like me even more to have access to its cooking section. That may be a bridge too far ... though I may pay it, depending on how much it costs, simply because I like it.

What the Times has to do with this section is adapt to technologies like the Amazon Show ... as noted in today's Eye-Opener, this technology provides the opportunity to offer video cooking lessons that go beyond what they offer now. They may need to do that just to justify the subscription price.