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by Kevin Coupe

Fast Company has a piece about the new Amazon Echo Show, which costs $230 and offers - in addition to all the voice activation capabilities embedded in the regular Echo/Alexa family of devices - a seven-inch video display with a variety of uses.

"While Amazon envisions the Show being used in your bedroom and living room," Fast Company writes, "make no mistake: it’s optimized for your kitchen counter, where that 7-inch display is likely to be a crucial assistant in helping prepare meals and stock your fridge and cupboards."

According to the story, "Many of us have turned to online videos to learn how to make new things in the kitchen, and the Show will be perfect for that, especially if there’s a skill that lets you back up or pause the video using voice commands. Right now the Show is mainly a front end for Amazon’s Prime video, but the video selection will grow as third parties create new skills."

Indeed, the kitchen is seen as crucial to the Echo Show's success - "it’s where people tend to spend a lot of time and make plenty of purchasing decisions," as Fast Company correctly observes.

I'm in Portland, Oregon, right now, beginning my summer adjunctivity at Portland State University ... so I wasn't at home in Connecticut when our Echo Show arrived at the door on Wednesday. My 22-year-old daughter was, though ... and she's having a great time playing with it.

We'll report back as events warrant. I'm sure it'll be an Eye-Opener.
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