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Yesterday, we took note of a Bloomberg story about how Target may be a major victim in an Amazon-Whole Foods deal, and I argued:

Target ought to outsource its grocery operations to Amazon/Whole Foods in the same way that it has outsourced its HBC/Rx business to CVS. Might be a real game-changing combination...

Prompting MNB reader Chris Westermeyer to write:

My personal thought is that this would be the perfect spot for Kroger to make a move – to acquire / merge with Target.  Large Kroger Marketplace stores now have thousands of square feet dedicated to furniture, clothing and other non-grocery items, and while they are not doing poorly, they don’t have the millennial heart-strings like the cooler, hipper Target. Target’s grocery woes are well known – and who does grocery better than almost anyone?  Kroger.  This would also give a foothold to Kroger in the northeast and Florida, where they have not expanded yet.  While there is some overlap, I’m surprised that more analysts are not pushing some combination of Target & Kroger to battle the big bad Amazon and Walmart.
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