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The New York Times has a long piece about what it calls the "yogurt wars," and how Yoplait is trying to regain past glories lost to the likes of Chobani, Fage and Oikos.

Yoplait's attempt at a similar Greek yogurt was singularly unpopular, and the Times writes that the company decided - after much soul searching and navel gazing - that the only way to make an impact was to do something different, not something imitative.

The Times writes: "Yoplait is opening a new front in the cultured-milk battles. Next month, when you walk down the dairy aisle of your grocery store, you’ll see the company’s latest salvo, a new formula that executives say is innovative, exciting and — c’est possible? — passionate. They’re calling it Oui by Yoplait, in homage to the company’s French roots.

"Whether it will succeed remains to be seen. Yoplait has stumbled before. But if, as you are shopping, you happen to pick up a small glass pot of Oui and are momentarily transported to the French countryside, you’ll know that the company has finally figured out how to look beyond the data and embrace the narrative.

"Yoplait may have figured out how to fake authenticity as craftily as everyone else."

You can read the entire story here.
KC's View:
We believe in narratives here at MNB. No so big on faking authenticity, but having a good story ... that's a huge advantage.