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CNBC has a piece about a new study from GPShopper, Reality of Retail: Consumer Connection," which focuses on the digital and physical innovations that consumers most want from the retailers that they patronize.

The survey found:

• "86 percent of shoppers like 'experience stores,' where they can test products in stores but buy on mobile or online, similar to the Samsung store concept."

• "85 percent like the idea of product recommendations based on ratings, similar to what Amazon is doing with Amazon Books."

• "80 percent like buying items online and picking purchases up in stores, as Wal-Mart and Target have been promoting."

• "78 percent like stores that were first online and then developed physical storefronts, similar to Warby Parker."

The biggest winners, the story says, are "Warby Parker, Apple and Bonobos, a men's clothing retailer that Wal-Mart plans to acquire, are all building their businesses around allowing customers to experience the brand rather than simply to sell their products."
KC's View:
The process of selling products to customers is one that increasingly not store-centric ... but, in fact, has to be shopper-centric. Which means, I think, that effective retailers have to look specifically at creating lifetime value associated with their brands, and address the pain points that occur throughout the selling continuum.