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by Kevin Coupe

The Washington Post this morning reports on a company called Braskem that "has developed a way to make plastic food or beverage containers change color when they react to the changing pH levels of their contents, a sign that certain products may be spoiling.

"Even though this type of technology has existed in some form for decades, Braskem has certain advantages. The $7 billion plastics and chemical company is the largest producer in the Americas of materials that are molded into bottle caps, jugs, reusable containers, cosmetic packaging and much more. It has production plants in Brazil, the United States, Mexico and Germany."

The Post goes on: "Braskem’s pitch for the technology comes as many consumers continue to be confused about what 'sell by' dates are supposed to mean and typically decide whether to throw out food by relying on what they see and smell — an imprecise practice that could lead to food poisoning or good food being discarded prematurely."

I think that anything that can be done to create greater transparency and clarity for the consumer is a good thing - whether by Braskem or any other company. And I think the retailers and suppliers that embrace such opportunities will be rewarded by the consumer by what essentially is a customer-friendly approach to business.

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