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Responding to our Friday breaking news alert about the Amazon-Whole Foods deal, one MNB reader wrote:

The Amazon—Whole Foods deal is HUGE (sorry, couldn’t resist) with the ramifications endless. At $13B, all cash, one would think it would take forever to recoup the investment but I suspect Amazon will earn it back and then some. What I am pleased about is that Whole Foods will be saved which is important to our industry (and my wife). What interesting times. The battle at the lower end of retail and the battle at the upper end. Still, I would rather carve out my place in one of these sectors than be sitting in the middle. I can’t say I am unhappy not having to deal with this as a retailer any longer but I am an avid observer and this is going to be fun.

No question that the middle is a more untenable place to be than ever.

MNB reader Carol Lynn Breedlove wrote:

I think the most important aspect of this acquisition is the possible synergies between a brick & mortar retailer built on the understanding of “shopping as experience” and the premier online retailer.  It will be interesting to see what a deep understanding of price, convenience and pizazz will develop.

I'm sure we're going to hear a lot more about this.
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