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by Kevin Coupe

Anthony Bourdain - chef, author, and host of "Parts Unknown" on CNN - says that he knows what the next big food trend will be in the US ... and he says it is not only "shockingly affordable," but it also goes great with a few beers, "and that's a perfect food."

Okay. You have my attention.

Esquire writes that Bourdain's enthusiasm is for Filipino cuisine in general, and one dish - called sisig - in particular.

"Americans and American palates are just now starting to become seriously interested," Bourdain says. "I think certain Filipino dishes are more likely to take root and take hold more quickly than others. I think sisig is perfectly positioned to win the hearts and minds of the world as a whole. I think that's the one that's going to hook 'em."

"So what's in sisig exactly?" Esquire asks. "It's a pork dish made with various parts of the pig including the snout, ears and jowl. While that may not sound like a likely dish to win over the American masses, Bourdain makes it sound irresistible. 'It's hot, sizzling, crispy, sticky, delicious bits of pork with many textures'."

Esquire notes that Bourdain "plans on adding sisig to the menu at Bourdain Market, a street food center in New York that is set to open in 2019. While sisig costs $1 to $2 in the Philippines, Bourdain hopes to price it accordingly ... or under $10 in New York terms."

It sounds wonderful. And also like the kind of dish that enterprising food retailers with an eye for innovation could turn into a signature offering, as long as they prepare and market it right.

In other words, an Eye-Opener.

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