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• The New York Times reports that Amazon has been sued by a former warehouse shift manager, Michael Ortiz, who charges that the company did not pay him the overtime wages he was owed.

According to the story, "The suit, filed in Contra Costa County Superior Court, says that Amazon improperly classified Mr. Ortiz as exempt from overtime in violation of California labor regulations. Mr. Ortiz’s lawyer, Scott Cole, said he would seek class-action status for the suit with the addition of other plaintiffs ... While most of the entry-level workers at Amazon’s warehouses, known as associates, are eligible for overtime pay, salaried managers are not under Amazon policy. In an interview, Mr. Ortiz, 34, said he and other managers had been promised when they were hired that their jobs would consist mostly of supervisory work. Instead, most of his job ended up being manual labor, some of it dangerous, he said."

Amazon has not commented on the suit.

GeekWire reports that Amazon has filed a lawsuit charging that Gene Farrell, a former Vice President of Enterprise Applications & EC2 at Amazon Web Services (AWS), violated a non-compete clause by taking a job at Smartsheet, described as a "heavily-funded ... online workplace collaboration platform."

The lawsuit says that Farrell's new job "will necessarily involve development of and strategy regarding competing cloud-based productivity products, including but not limited to those for project management, collaboration, and/or automation, and will therefore breach the Noncompetition Agreement and threaten the disclosure of Amazon’s highly confidential information."

Smartsheet calls the suit "unfortunate" and "a form of intimidation."
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