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My friend Bob Wheatley, CEO of Emergent, which helps companies strategize around and communicate about healthy living, had a blog posting the other day focusing on how "the single most important and disruptive change in food culture, now winding its way through virtually every part of the industry, is the overwhelming desire for fresh foods.

"Call it the quest for all-things real ... the packaged food world finds itself facing a state of transition as fresh versions overtake and replace their processed cousins."

It isn't happening everywhere, and it isn't happening for everyone. But it is happening on enough fronts, Bob suggests, that to a great extent "we are moving from a production-fueled system to a demand-driven system, founded on the consumer’s interest in real foods and a parallel desire to know more about ingredients, sourcing, transparency, and sustainability."

Which creates challenges for suppliers and retailers ... and Bob offers seven strategic and tactical suggestions to help them embrace the opportunities.

You can read about them here.
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