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My friend Karen Caplan, president/CEO of Frieda's Specialty Produce, has a bog that I enjoy reading each week, entitled, "What's on Karen's Plate?" She even is a source of inspiration - not that long ago, she did a blog posting about the importance of giving blood, and I followed up by doing the same (and gave her credit).

This week, Karen posted a piece entitled, "Why I Quit My Gym." Karen writes about how her workout routine had grown stale, and how she was presented with a wide variety of alternatives when she started looking for options. And, it ended up being a business lesson: "Welcome to the new economy," she writes, "and yet another disruptor to an existing business model ... That’s the great thing about the new economy; there are so many options available to us. For everything we do."

Including working out. And, of course, shopping.

Once again, Karen inspired me on a variety of levels ... and you can read her entire blog posting here.
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