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• The New York Daily News reports that Walmart is being sued by consumers charging that it is fraudulently trying to pass off mass-produced beer as craft-brewed beer, the standards for which have been established by the Brewers Association.

The story says that "the Trouble Brewing brand beer is actually mass-produced by Rochester’s Genesee Brewing and meets none of the criteria set forth for craft beer by the Brewers Association, according to a class-action lawsuit filed in Ohio. The suit says the beer being small batch craft beer is 'wholesale fiction' meant to deceive customer and inflate prices."

The so-called craft beer is sold in some 3,000 Walmart stores nationwide.

• In Toronto, the Globe and Mail reports that Walmart will be expanding a home delivery service in the city. The service was tested in three condominium buildings, and now will be offered to more homes in the city's core, using both Walmart trucks and Uber-style car services.

Home delivery costs a $10 fee and requires a $50 minimum order.
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