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• The Seattle Times reports that "PCC, in a partnership with Instacart, is testing curbside pickup at the co-op’s Bothell location." The story says that "PCC is using its Bothell location, which opened last summer, to experiment with various ideas such as an open kitchen and having cash registers toward the perimeter of the store so they’re not the first thing people see when they walk in ... The co-op also partners with Instacart and AmazonPrimeNow for online shopping and delivery."

PCC is interesting to watch because it is trying so many different options ... but it also sort of creates the image of a company that isn't quite sure what it wants to do.

• The Seattle Times reports that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, not usually loquacious when on Twitter, used the social media site last week to deny a report in the New York Post "that claimed Amazon has plans for a bigger version of its experimental, cashierless Amazon Go store, operating the supermarket with as few as three employees, topping out at 10."

Bezos tweeted that “whoever your anonymous sources are on this story … they’ve mixed up their meds!” And he also, the Times writes, "disputed another claim in the story: that as it eyes the grocery sector Amazon is aiming for operating profit margins exceeding 20 percent, whereas margins in the grocery business tend to hover around the low single digits. 'If anybody knows how to get 20% margins in groceries, call me! :),' Bezos cheerfully tweeted."
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