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The Associated Press reports that Kellogg's CEO John Bryant is saying that the company has seen "no 'discernible' effect from an online boycott spurred by its decision to pull ads from a website formerly run by one of President Trump’s top aides ... Kellogg had announced its decision in late November to pull ads from, which has been criticized for featuring racist, sexist and anti-Semitic content."

The story goes on to note that "for the last three months of 2016, Kellogg said its U.S. cereal sales were flat. The company has been dealing with slumping cereal sales for years as people reach for a variety of different breakfast options and the image of Special K, one of its biggest brands, has become outdated ... To improve its financial performance, Kellogg has also been slashing costs and this week noted that it will end all direct delivery of products to supermarkets and big-box retailers. Instead, it will ship those products to warehouses before they move to retailers’ distribution centers — a system the company already uses for the majority of its products."
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