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Got the following email from an MNB reader about Starbucks' stated opposition to Trump administration policies:

All I really wanted was a great cup of coffee from Starbucks…not a social or political thought partner. I think sometimes Starbucks forgets that their customers are not always the same demographic as their associates.

Looks like Dunkin Donuts and more local coffee brewers will be getting my family's business going forward. (My family has been a loyal "couple cups a day" customer of Starbucks on our college campuses, home city, airports and at work…shared app/cards and auto reloads…we were all in, baby.)

This stance for me has nothing to do with agreeing with Trumps executive order on immigration or not. It is about my personal desire for entities/brands to turn down the volume on the political rhetoric that is causing such divide in the country.

I get your point about companies turning down the political rhetoric, but the stories we've seen lately about Nordstrom and LL Bean suggest that even the companies that are just trying to do business end up being victimized in the current toxic political climate. I suppose some companies would argue that rather than being reactive to what happens to them, they might as well stake out a position and be pro-active.

As for Starbucks specifically, it seems clear that the company is gambling that the net result will be that there are more customers who agree with it than do not.
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