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The Chicago Business Journal reports that Target is putting more eggs in the small-store basket, opening yet another one of its neighborhood stores in the Chicago market. The story says that when it opens later this year, "it will become the third neighborhood Target to open on Chicago's near north side in just the past 18 months."

According to the story, "The recent Chicago neighborhood openings are part of a new high-priority game plan at Target to grow in dense urban markets with stores featuring a carefully curated array of merchandise designed to meet the needs of customers making quick runs to the store.

"The 31,000-square-foot Lakeview Ashland store will include a mix of health and beauty products, men's, women's and baby apparel, toys, sporting goods, home decor items for apartment dwellers and a CVS pharmacy. Target currently operates 32 of these neighborhood stores in Chicago and other markets, and it plans to open 33 more in 2017, 2018 and 2019."
KC's View:
It may be that the small store format will be the thing that helps Target continue to grow even as it tries to figure out how to re-energize its superstores. I'm not the biggest fan of the concept - the ones I've visited always have struck me as being a little vanilla for my taste - but I can see how in the right location they'd have a lot of appeal.