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• In the UK, The Memo is reporting this morning that Amazon is "looking at about two dozen sites in and around central London to open" Amazon Go stores, the checkout-free format that it currently is testing in a single location in Seattle.

The story notes that "Amazon Go uses thousands of cameras and sensors to track what items everyone is picking up and only charges you once you leave the store… an experience that sounds eerily similar to shoplifting. Without the need for cashiers or tills, a report over the weekend suggested that a supermarket-sized Amazon Go store could be run by just three human staff – a huge cost-saving compared to traditional supermarkets."

The story also suggests that "Amazon’s plan to open high street grocery stores is also an admission that Amazon Fresh, the retailer’s online food shopping and delivery service, hasn’t been as successful as hoped. The launch of Amazon Fresh in the UK was dogged by criticism over the quality of its food, with complaints about rancid meat and fish, bruised fruit and veg, and missing items appearing online."
KC's View:
I think that maybe the folks in the UK are getting a little ahead of themselves here. Not that there won't be Amazon Go stores there, but I suspect not as many as they are thinking in the short term.