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Dollar General has announced that its 2017 expansion plans include 1,000 new stores, two new distribution centers, and the creation, as a result, of approximately 10,000 jobs.

According to the announcement, "The creation of these approximate 10,000 new jobs will be a roughly nine percent overall increase to its workforce and mark the largest one-year employee increase through organic store and distribution center growth in the company’s 78-year history."

Dollar General currently operates some 12,500 stores in 43 states.
KC's View:
This is only going to make this area of competition even more intense, especially as Aldi expands and Lidl invades and Save-A-Lot works to right the ship. (They're not exactly the same as a dollar store, but they do focus on roughly the same demographics in a lot of cases.) And it will make things harder for more traditional chains that want to promote a low-price image.