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The Washington Post has a story about made-in-the-USA efforts undertaken by sports apparel manufacturer Under Armour, which has just released "the first batch of clothing to be made at UA Lighthouse, a sprawling Under Armour facility that opened this summer in Baltimore. A 35,000-square-foot design and product development hub, it is an anchor of Under Armour’s attempt to figure out how to make clothing in the United States — an unusual venture in an industry where manufacturing has largely been done overseas for a generation. About 97 percent of clothing sold in the United States is imported, according to the American Apparel & Footwear Association."

While it is described as a small-scale effort to begin with, "the process of creating them offers a look at what the future of Under Armour — and the wider apparel industry, for that matter — might look like. The company says that it was able to operate on a sharply shorter timeline for bringing the gear to market, and it says it believes the Lighthouse setup is cost neutral compared to making clothing overseas."

But what it has meant has been rethinking the entire process of how clothing is conceived, designed and manufactured ... which makes this an interesting story to read, since that's what so many retailers and manufacturers need to do in order to be relevant in a world where tectonic shifts seem to take place daily. You can check it out here.
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