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Barron's reports that Cowen & Co. is out with a new report saying that e-commerce sales will grow "even faster in 2017 than they did last year. And by 2022, Cowen thinks e-commerce could comprise 14% of all retail sales, up from an estimated 9% this year."

Indeed, the new research report says that "eCommerce disruption is still early days, as most large verticals (Apparel, Auto, Grocery) are in early/mid stages of eCommerce disruption."

The report suggests that the US remains over-retailed with bricks-and-mortar stores, with "roughly 48 retail square feet per person in the US ... versus 22 square feet per person in the U.K. and 13 in Canada ... Net-net: We think the runway is clear for Amazon to continue to win in large retail markets for the foreseeable future."
KC's View:
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