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Business Insider reports that "Sears is laying off Kmart workers in an apparent move to cut costs as the company struggles to stay afloat.  The layoffs, executed last week, targeted full-time workers, including assistant managers and department heads - or 'leads' as Kmart calls them - across the country."

Sears would only confirm that layoffs would take place, but now how many or where.

However, Business Insider quotes insiders as saying that "the cuts affected most of Kmart's 800 stores. Among the positions cut were assistant store managers, front-end leads (managers in charge of the customer-facing part of the store), backroom leads (managers in charge of unloading and organizing merchandise in the stock room), and pricing leads (managers in charge of pricing and store signage)."
KC's View:
Hate to say it because there are still a lot of people depending on Sears/Kmart for a paycheck, but there's a point where they just have to put this dying animal out of its misery