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Regarding Target's woes, one MNB reader wrote:

I live in the Boston area and their stores here are incredibly disappointing and are just not competitive. This disappointment relates to two issues. The first is a supreme lack on interest in their store personnel to provide any sampling of passion for what they are doing which is clear in any of the stores that you walk into here. The second relates to merchandising and in stock (which are cost of entry factors for any retailer in today’s environment) where they continue to be lacking.

I have written to their Facebook page several times to express my experiences and all I get back is apologies for my recent visits- no solutions. In my view their operations group needs a complete makeover and they need to ingrain passion once again to those representing the brand in their stores. People need to want to win and have the passion and aggressiveness to do so. Unfortunately that does not exist in their current organization and perhaps they need a charismatic visionary to lead them out of their doldrums.

And from another reader:

Target is not the same, fun experience it was years ago. It used to be hip, offer nicely styled things, a nicer shopping experience and better quality brands. Now, not so much. Our shopping has gone way down with them and I seldom, if ever, impulse buy something there when we stop. And I don’t think I’ve ever used their e-commerce site. Their grocery sets are weak and well, weird and feel nothing like food really. They really lost something and yeah, I don’t think it’s e-commerce that’s kicking them.
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