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by Kevin Coupe

CNN reports that a new study from Certify, a company that creates expense account software for companies, shows that six percent of all business travel expenses last year were with Uber, making it the single most popular common expense.

The story says that Uber "grabbed the honor from Starbucks, which remains the most popular meal expense."

The study - which looked at some 40 million expenses recorded by more than one million business travelers - makes clear that the ranking is based on number of transactions, not dollars spent. (The most money is spent on airfare, followed by hotels.)

It is important to remember, though, that all these Uber transactions represent money that is not being spent on traditional taxicabs and rental car companies ... and it is hard to imagine circumstances under which they'll go back to those traditional businesses. Unless, of course, those businesses do something to change the game and disrupt the competition.

You know. Sort of the way that Uber did.

It is the kind of Eye-Opening approach to businesses that can affect every company, if they're not careful.
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