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Fox News reports that "to celebrate the release of two new versions of its iconic burger, McDonald’s is giving away 10,000 bottles of its signature Big Mac Special Sauce ... McDonald’s has never sold the sauce in the U.S. and the giveaway will be on a first-come-first serve basis at participating locations ... To snag a free bottle, customers must say the code phrase 'There’s a Big Mac for that'."
KC's View:
While some say that the Big Mac sauce is just Thousand Island dressing, if it really is as unique as McDonald's claims, maybe this is something that they ought to institutionalize. It's been years since I've had a Big Mac, but I remember liking them a lot ... maybe I'd actually buy the stuff to use at home.

I always buy bottles of Walter's mustard at the iconic hot dog stand in Mamaroneck, NY ... it really is unique, and I love having some in the fridge. Maybe McDonald's could take a page from this one-store independent....