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by Kevin Coupe

The BBC is reporting that Air India, looking to "enhance comfort level to female passengers" and reassure female passengers traveling alone, has begun selling tickets for female-only seat sections.

According to the story, "The restriction will apply to the front row of six seats on economy flights and comes after reports some women were being groped by other passengers ... In cases of unruly behaviour, the airline crew are authorised to take action as per the law." And, "The airline will also now carry two pairs of restrainers to deal with disruptive passengers who can not be controlled."

Now, not everyone thinks that this move is justified; some critics seem to feel that the gropers and unruly passengers can be dealt with effectively without having to cordon off women. And my first impulse was to think that this kind of segregation is the wrong way to go.

But ... I also have to respect the fact that the airline is looking for ways to make its customers happy and safe. Sometimes that means going to extremes, but that's what customer service is all about.

This situation - and solutions - are Eye-Openers.
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