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New York magazine reports that as of February 1, midwestern supermarket shoppers will be able for the first time to buy genetically modified fruit approved for human consumption.

According to the story, "As early as February 1 in some midwestern grocery stores, Okanagan Specialty Fruits is expected to debut its Arctic Golden Apple, a Golden Delicious that has been genetically modified not to brown. Initially, the apples will be available at ten locations of several midwestern chains, though Okanagan has so far declined to disclose exactly which ones."

The magazine goes on to say that "along with the Golden Delicious apples, the USDA has approved Granny Smith and Fuji apples and, additionally, Arctic Gala apples could be approved in 2018. (The company could further apply the non-browning technology to other tree fruits like pears and cherries.)."
KC's View:
Here's the line from the story that bothers me:

Packaging also won’t declare the apples as GMO, information that will only be revealed by scanning a QR code.

I think they have it half right. It ought to say that it is a GM product right on the packaging, and explain what the benefit is. Transparency is all.