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The Seattle Times has a good story about Denise Moriguchi, the president and acting CFO of Uwajimaya there, who next month will move into the role of president/CEO.

Her ascension, the story says, "marks a transition to the third generation of leadership for the family-owned chain that’s become a community institution during its 89 years in business.

"Moriguchi, the first in her family to earn an MBA, will be taking over an enterprise that’s come a long way from its humble beginnings. Her grandfather, Fujimatsu Moriguchi, an immigrant from Japan, founded the company, selling fish cakes from the back of a truck in Tacoma. These days, the company has four Pacific Northwest retail locations with a fifth — a smaller-format store called Kai Market in South Lake Union — scheduled to open this spring."

Moriguchi's "first task as CEO will be to come up with a brand strategy and strategic plan to define the company for itself and for a city that’s changing rapidly," the story says, "with big influxes of newcomers who may not know anything about Uwajimaya." And she has to continue the work of growing the company after having survived a recession that was very tough on the company; she also has to expand the company's appeal without alienating its core constituency.

You can read the story here.
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