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Bloomberg has a story suggesting that reports of McDonald's being re-energized by all-day breakfast may have been overstated.

While the initial consumer reaction to the ability to buy an EggMcMuffin all day long was enthusiastic, "now the effect is waning ... While overall earnings beat analysts’ estimates last quarter, domestic same-store sales fell 1.3 percent."

The story goes on: "The slowdown from all-day breakfast leaves McDonald’s in search of its next big source of U.S. growth. The company is looking to technology, such as touch screens and mobile ordering, to help fuel domestic sales. But it’s not clear how quickly that will pay off, said Michael Halen, an analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence."
KC's View:
Technology will help, but I do think that constant innovation around food will be the thing that will help McDonald's the most. It is important that the company stay within its core competency - burgers and fries - but I'd be looking for ways to explore that category more effectively.