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by Kevin Coupe

The Wall Street Journal reports that traditional gyms are losing business - to online options.

Sort of like every other bricks-and-mortar entity.

Go figure.

Here's how the Journal frames the issue:

"Streaming fitness is surging. So are services that let people sample nearby fitness studios for a monthly fee, according to new data from Atlanta-based firm Cardlytics. Many subscribers to these on-demand fitness options are siphoning spending from traditional gyms, the data shows.
Payments to on-demand fitness services jumped to 7.7% of total spending on workouts last year, up from 4.8% two years earlier, according to Cardlytics. Spending for on-demand fitness now exceeds spending at yoga and Pilates studios, according to the data.

"Traditional gyms still command the overwhelming majority of workout spending, but that share fell to about 73% in 2016 from nearly 78% in 2014."

Is there any question that traditional gyms are going to continue seeing an erosion in their market share?

This is yet another Eye-Opening example of how digital disruptors can affect anyone.

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