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Reuters is reporting that Kroger said this morning that "it would fill 10,000 permanent positions in its supermarket divisions."

According to the story, this comes after a 2016 in which its total active workforce grew by 12,000.

The Reuters story notes that this comes just a week after Walmart said it would create about 10,000 US jobs, "as President Donald Trump puts pressure on companies to hire more U.S. workers."
KC's View:
Whether or not Kroger hires more people or fewer people in the first year of the Trump administration that it did during the last year of the Obama administration, the fact is that momentum is a good thing ... and momentum seems to building for both hiring (in an economy that seems to be getting stronger with every passing month) and announcements about new hiring. Perception and reality are intertwined in important ways, and I think we're just at the beginning.