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There was a blog posting the other day from Bob Wheatley, CEO of Emergent, a marketing and communications agency that focuses on the healthy living space, that I found to be right in synch with one of the broader messages on which we try to focus here at MNB.

"You can destroy ten years of retail equity and loyalty in five minutes," Wheatley writes. "Failed policies and poor training can set in motion what we affectionately refer to as the spiraling vortex of doom.

"Retail is experiencing one of the biggest relevance squeezes in history as more demanding consumers grow less tolerant of missteps and violations of the customer-comes-first code. Too many options exist now and choices abound, especially online, waiting in the wings to rescue consumers from bad retail behaviors."


Wheatley goes on: "If customers are merely walking wallets and the relationship is purely transactional then the future will belong to e-tailing where algorithms remove the human issues. If retail is to be successful, customer relationships must be looked upon with the greatest respect and cherished completely end-to-end in operations and the care and feeding of customer experience."


It is a very good posting, and worth reading, I think. You can read it here.

(And he even quotes Raymond Chandler, which is about as good as it gets, since Chandler was one of the great writers of the 20th century.)
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