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by Kevin Coupe

Longtime MNB readers know that we're big on pop culture references here. Michael Sansolo and I even co-wrote a book on the subject.

And so the commercial at left grabbed my attention, mostly because it is chock full of them.

The advertiser is Cigna, an insurance company, and the goal is to get people to see a doctor and take care of their health. (I hate to say nice things about an insurance company, but this is a really good commercial.)

The hook is that the doctors making the pitch are all actors who played doctors in a variety of television shows - Alan Alda ("M*A*S*H"), Patrick Dempsey ("Grey’s Anatomy"), Lisa Edelstein ("House"), Donald Faison ("Scrubs"), and Noah Wyle ("ER"). And it is funny because they make fun of themselves, and it just really works.

No real business lesson here, except that if you want to grab people's attention, it helps to do something creative and Eye-Opening. Plus, it is fun.


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