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• Ahold USA announced that its retail divisions - Stop & Shop New England, Stop & Shop New York Metro, Giant Landover, and Giant Carlisle, totally 780 stores - have embarked on a "technology overhaul in collaboration with Verizon Enterprise Solutions to create a ‘smarter store’ for today’s always-connected consumer. With consumers increasingly relying on smartphones and public Wi-Fi when shopping, retailers are recognizing the imperative to offer strong and reliable networks for delivering the digitally rich in-store experience that is now an expectation."

By improving the Wi-Fi capabilities in its stores, the company said, just last December it managed to see an "overall 23% spike in the number of users over the previous month."

Seeking Alpha reports that Amazon has patented what is described as an "autonomous vehicle lane assignment system," which is said to be "capable of ascertaining lane travel direction and instructing autonomous vehicles to enter roadways within specific lanes."

It appears to be yet another move by Amazon to lay the groundwork for greater involvement in distribution and delivery of its products.
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