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The Chicago Business Journal reports that FedEx is teaming up with Walgreens "to offer package handling services at the pharmacy's retail locations throughout the US."

According to the story, "FedEx users will be able pick up and drop off their packages at Walgreens stores, giving them an alternative to home delivery or visiting a FedEX store. Customers will have to pack and label their items in advance, however, because Walgreens will not offer other FedEx services or print shipping labels in-store."

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.
KC's View:
There is a certain irony that just the other day, the US Postal Service decided to end a similar alliance with Staples ... not because it wasn't working or didn't make sense, but because unionized postal workers were worried about their jobs being threatened. Classic example, I think, of mistakenly believing that one can force the future to adjust to you rather than understanding that you have to adjust to the future.

This is smart for Walgreens because it gives customers yet another reason to go to Walgreens instead of CVS or elsewhere, and maybe they'll stay and buy something else. It is smart for FedEx because it give sit yet another touchpoint where they can be available to shoppers, giving it a potential advantage over UPS and the USPS.