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In Minnesota, the Star Tribune reports that Lunds & Byerlys has decided to shut down its Kitchen test format in Wayzata, "an unusual, three-year experiment by the grocery company to combine a restaurant with a convenience store (that) didn’t quite pan out."

According to the story, "For Lunds Food Holdings, whose executives hoped in 2014 the Kitchen concept was the start of something big, the idea is going into limbo. 'I wouldn’t completely close the book on the concept,' Aaron Sorenson, a Lunds spokesman, said. 'It might work at another time and location'."
KC's View:
I feel bad that this didn't work out, because it is a format I liked a lot when I first saw it in 2014. (I did a video piece about it that you can see here.)

At the time, while I loved the format, I conceded that the location may not have been the best, especially because the development where it was situated wasn't completed yet. I'm guessing that traffic may have been the biggest problem, and I'd be willing to place a small bet that we will see the Kitchen format elsewhere in the company - it could be a great urban format, I think.

Regardless of whether we see the Kitchen as a standalone store again, I am absolutely sure that Lunds and Byerlys has learned a lot from the experiment, and that we'll see the experience affect the company in other ways and places. That's what great companies do.