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A new study says that "compared to three years ago, Americans are consuming more fresh products, including fruits, vegetables, meats and cheeses ... The study shows that nearly half of Americans (48%) consume more fresh products than they did three years ago and 41% say their consumption has remained stable over that period."

Other findings from the study:

• "Age is a determining factor in the preference for fresh products. Young people under the age of 35 are far more likely to choose fresh items than people aged 50 and older (58% vs 38%)."

• "Income is also a contributor. Only 45% of individuals in the lowest income group (less than $50,000/year) said their consumption of fresh products had increased over the last three years, as opposed to 53% of people in the highest income group (over $75,000)."

• "Fresh is strongly associated with quality. Respondents said fresh products are more flavorful (75%), healthier (74%), better quality (74%), and contain more healthy ingredients (74%)."

The study was done by the OpinionWay institute for Bizerba and Invatron.
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